Dream Team

Hella El Khiari and Thomas Egoumenides crossed path in 2009 while studying in the Architecture School of Paris La Villette. Seven years later, they are creating flaÿou, a multidisciplinary, integrative design studio based in Tunis.

Flaÿou inspirations come from the daily life, and aim to create a self-conscious, unformal design, one that wonder about the right things, without taking themselves too seriously.

Adventurous studio, cheerful agency and nonconformist incubator, flaÿou’s area of interest stretched from :

  • Objects Design,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Space Design

Flaÿou is dedicated to experimenting with new ecological materials, new composites, the renewed use of materials known for decades and the diverted use of materials.

Current research ///

* Recycling of cork residues recovered at the factory during the production of corks. This residual cork retains its natural properties: ecological, durable and insulating.

* Establishment of agrosourced plastics from renewable resources, such as maize, wheat and sugar cane.

Paper and vegetable fibers
* Manufacture of paper made from local materials such as palm leaf.
* Experiment with the pulp paper through new forms and moldings.

* Mix and create alternative materials.
* Use of agglomerated cork, natural fibers and bio-plastic.
* Mix innovative 3D printing technologies with older techniques such as traditional molding.

Connected Objects
* Work in collaboration with UX Design SlashSlash agency.